The Operators announce PREMIUM SOCIAL

We are pleased to announce to the TMAR community, a new service from the creative team at The Operators:  PREMIUM SOCIAL.  Pioneering a new pipeline based on high-end, high-quality, high-volume…Read more
Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time…

There was a magical land, a hero, a princess, a villain…. We all know fairytales from our childhood, the form is universal. Fairytales have been with us for a long…Read more
Series Interview:  Estilo 3D

Series Interview: Estilo 3D

Interview with Esteban Lapidus, Sebastian Lapidus, and Ezequiel Aprile, of Estilo 3D What led you to digital art? Esteban: My mother is a doctor, and she was an amateur in…Read more