NEWS:  Estilo 3D for Mercedes Benz

NEWS: Estilo 3D for Mercedes Benz

The team at Estilo 3D recently collaborated with Mercedes Benz to create imagery emphasizing the beauty of the lines of the car situated in a modern and minimalist environment.   For…Read more
LSD for Vodaphone

LSD for Vodaphone

Chiara Marlana Photography:  LSD   Client: VODAFONE   Agency: RED TEAM (Gruppo WPP) LSD spent an impassioned day photographing young people for VODAPHONE. Marvely The LSD team enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with young…Read more

The Operators announce PREMIUM SOCIAL

We are pleased to announce to the TMAR community, a new service from the creative team at The Operators:  PREMIUM SOCIAL.  Pioneering a new pipeline based on high-end, high-quality, high-volume…Read more
Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time…

There was a magical land, a hero, a princess, a villain…. We all know fairytales from our childhood, the form is universal. Fairytales have been with us for a long…Read more
Series Interview:  Estilo 3D

Series Interview: Estilo 3D

Interview with Esteban Lapidus, Sebastian Lapidus, and Ezequiel Aprile, of Estilo 3D What led you to digital art? Esteban: My mother is a doctor, and she was an amateur in…Read more