Yolk: the Story of an Egg Told by Michael Crichton and Stylist Leigh MacMillan

Michael Crichton and long-time stylist collaborator (and wife) Leigh MacMillan started out with an idea. Inspired by the humble egg and the graphic genius for which they are well known, they wanted to shoot a series of images that built on each other and told the story of an egg. “We wanted it stark and minimal; egg, black coffee, salt and pepper,” notes Michael. ¬†“We were interested in trying to build imagery with a “less is more” concept using simple color and geometric shapes, lines¬†and shadows as the guiding principles. Lately we seem to be fixated on images that are high contrast, bold, saturated and, oddly, contain eggs!”

We couldn’t help but turn it into a gif. To view the individual series, please click here.