If Women Ruled the World by Genevieve Caron for Bishop Strachan School

Genevieve Caron loves shooting women. Young, old, and in between. For fashion, beauty, portraits and lifestyle. In all her images, women are strong, confident, and beautiful. Inside and out.

The Bishop Strachan School, one of Canada’s oldest boarding and day school for girls, has a mission to empower girls to be today’s global citizens and tomorrow’s leaders of global change. To advertise their annual school open house, they hired Genevieve to shoot a series of images that told the story of what it would be like if women ruled the world.

“For all of their strength, intelligence, and bravado, the world in which men rule is still far from perfect. Let’s imagine what it would be like if girls ruled. We think the world would be a better place – one that can be made possible with the help of gutsy, empowered BSS girls.”

Beautifully executed, the resulting campaign and images are nothing short of bold and incredibly astute.


Art director: Rosalinda Graziano
Client: Bishop Strachan School
Hair/make up: Michelle Rosen/ Judy inc.