George Logan’s “Bad Boys of Football”

Photographer George Logan latest personal project “Football’s Bad Boys” was released last month to a remarkable amount of press coverage and critical acclaim. Using school children, the series of nine images cleverly recreates iconic moments including Maradona’s Hand of God, Gazza’s dentist chair, and Eric Cantona kung-fu kick of a fan among others.

Entertaining, but also asking a serious question, the series re-enacts infamous moments in Football’s history as a way of asking whether a game more and more obsessed with giant salaries and celebrity lifestyles is still creating the right role models for Britain’s youth to copy. “Are football’s bad boys actually creating bad boys?” added George.

George worked Darren Urquhart and Thomas Smith, creative partners at Ogilvy & Mather New York, on the project. George is an award winning photographer based in London and is best known for his work photographing and campaigning for endangered species in Africa with the “Born Free Foundation.” Darren and Tom are an award-winning creative team based in New York, but originally from the UK.

 The series has garnered international press coverage and will be on exhibit at Ogilvy & Mather in New York.


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