Andric Selected as “Best in Show” by 2015 APA Awards

A very big congratulations to Andric for being honored with “Best in Show” by the 2015 APA Awards. The panel of judges, comprised of art producers and creatives from the country’s top agencies, selected Andric’s still-life image of a ladybug from more than 2,300 entries.

The winning image is one of a series of conceptual still-life product shots produced by Sid Lee agency for a sub-brand of Canada’s Winner’s department stores. Each image represented a season of the year and the campaign encompassed print, digital and in-store imagery.

Andric is hired for his conceptual and technical ingenuity and with this project he was allowed the type of creative freedom that results in remarkably unique imagery. The art direction was simply to create a the images from as many or as few products as he and the stylist needed. “We pulled and photographed hundreds of products for each shot,” added Andric. “It was an entirely intuitive process: no sketching, color schemes or required products. This was an incredibly rewarding project—the creative process started in the store and continued in the studio and into post where the images were literally created.”

Thank you to the APA and the judges and again, congratulations to Andric!

LADYBUG Final OK RGB_lowStylesense-butterflyStylesense-seashell