Elena Zhukova Shoots National Ad Campaign for University of California

Elena Zhukova was hired by the University of California Office of the President to shoot their national ad campaign “Power of Public.” The campaign promotes the UC system by highlighting the contributions the university system makes to the world across many fields. It encompassed portraits, still-life, interiors and the shooting of the world’s first exoskeleton (developed by professor Homayoon Kazerooni and his team at UC Berkeley)┬áthat enables paraplegics to walk.

The campaign went public this week in print and on billboards and outdoor signage at travel hubs in major markets around California and beyond.

Photographer: Elena Zhukova
Client: University of California, Office of the President
Agency: Ologie

"Public Transit" Exoskeleton

“Public Transit” Exoskeleton

"Public Works" Hammer Museum UCLA

“Public Works” Hammer Museum UCLA

"Public Offering" UC David Agriculture Program

“Public Offering” UC David Agriculture Program