Luminous Creative Imaging for Royal Caribbean Productions

Luminous Creative Imaging was recently commissioned to create a rather challenging poster for Royal Caribbean Productions. The cruise line was launching an 1887 steampunk styled ice show and they needed a cool visual for their promotional poster.

The creative minds at Luminous designed and sketched out the visual and all elements within.  The team then proceeded with modeling and texturing the scene in 3D. The skating couple was stylistically designed from scratch to reflect wardrobe of the late 1800s.   In addition to creating many original elements in CGI, Luminous also incorporated some photographic and illustrative materials. Once all the elements were composited the scene was lit, rendered and ready for post-production.  The finishing touches included sky, smoke and shadows to polish off the final image.

IMAG1887_V6 1887_3043481.569df99abfd49 1887_1.56b06f2f0766d 1887 Couple_1200px 1887_1200px