Series Interview: Genevieve Caron Unapologetically Myself


Are you self taught or photography school taught?  Self-taught, although  I studied graphic design in university so we had a few photo courses.  I learned mostly by assisting.

When did you take your first photograph? 10

What led you to photography?  The pleasure that came from controlling the aesthetic aspect of reality.

What is your greG_CARON_IMAGEatest professional achievement?  Every time a client comes back.

Who do you admire from your profession, past or present, and why? Clint Clemens, for his ability to tell a powerful story without sacrificing on the aesthetic.  Norman Jean Roy, for the ease and spontaneity that he manages to make happen.

Who is/was your greatest mentor?  My husband Andric has been extremely influential in helping me to develop certain abilities, mainly to slow down and to be more meticulous.  My friends Mai and Mat, Canadian PR mavens, for teaching me the power of being unapologetically myself.

What’s missing from your career that you could add to make it complete?  More gallery shows, covers for magazines such as ID, Wired, M le Monde, a beautiful campaign for a luxury hotel chain, and celebrities.

What part of your work do you find most demanding?  Conference calls.  having to convey specific ideas and having to convince people that are not in same room.

What is your creative philosophy?  Be present and look.  All the time.

Can you tell us about your state of mind when you are shooting/creating?  I become very focused.  I have a clear idea of where I’m going.  I also like to keep the inspiration fluid and alive.

Could you describe how you create your images?  I look for balance.  I look for ambiguity.  I look for a certain silence.

How do you work best – in teams, with assistants, on location, in studio…?  I work best when I can collaborate with other artists.  As long as we have the same vision!!!  I love the controlled lighting I can get in studio, and the bare stage.  But I also love how being in nature inspires me.  There is available beauty everywhere in nature.

What is your work philosophy?  Focus, slow down, listen, and look.

What inspires you?  Traveling, great conversations, books.

What are some of your influences?  Italian Renaissance, the Quebecois painter Jean-Paul Lemieux, winter light, open landscapes.

Who are some of your influences?  Jenny Van Sommers, Viviane Sassen. Irving Penn, Nick Knight, Nadav Kander, Richard Avedon, Norman Jean Roy.

What is your life’s purpose or mission? How do you stay faithful to that? I meditate every day.