Series Interview: Luminous Creative Imaging – Fedde Souverein

Are you self-taught or photography school taught?

We all have attended some form of artistic college (like the Utrecht School of Arts), however most experience has been taught in the field by doing creative work. I’m quite sure this goes for most experienced artists. There is no better way than doing real jobs and personal projects to further our talent.

Fedde Souverein_LuminousCI

When did you take your first photograph?

I first started working in this field by developing photos actually when I was 12 as a summer job in a photo lab (this was of course before digital photography). This sparked my interest!

What led you to photography/CGI?

I have always been in contact with lots of creative people (artist, photographers, etc), so after middle school (where I majored in Art & Design), I went to the Utrecht School of Arts and studied Design and Technology. During my study I already started working as a junior in postproduction to earn some money and learn from the pros. After this I slowly rolled into it as a full time job.

What professional goals do you still have for yourself?

I’d love to expand the creative talent of myself and our team and continue working with clients all over the world. I love that nowadays you are not limited to clients in your own country but you work with clients all over the world. Only recently I worked together with an artist in Barcelona on a British run project for China. I love that stuff!

d9e73733043481.56d01110a345cIf life were “as good as it gets” – what’s there?  If your career were “as good as it gets” – what’s there?

In a perfect world, there was always enough budget and time to work on those really great projects that you just WANT to do and make them exactly like you want! Of course, time is always a precious commodity and often things have to be rushed. It is a shame, but I’m a realistic guy 🙂

What’s missing from your career that you could add to make it complete?

I’d love to do even more International jobs. And I’m talking really creative projects where, once finished, you can look back at and go “wow, that was great!”

Can you tell us about your state of mind when you are shooting/creating?

When I am really busy with a project my mind goes “into the zone” and somehow I manage to handle all these complex things, answer the questions, lead the projects and manage to fix the problems. The Zone is the place to be and makes sure I can handle most things.

Could you describe how you create your images? 

What do you look for? I really trust my gut instinct. If something feels wrong, there is probably something missing or incorrect. Then I talk with my team and try to figure out what it is and go fix it!

What is the ideal relationship for you with your clients?

I love working with clients who brief me, but leave me enough room to use my own creativity and insights to add something to the project. I also really like it when clients I have worked with in the past trust me so much that they know I will do “the right thing”.

How did you achieve your vision?

By working hard, standing behind my own opinions and trusting my instincts. Besides this, trusting my team, since together you can handle so much more.

What is the toughest feedback you’ve ever received and how did you handle it?

“So when will we start making it realistic”, when we were about done… But that was a long time ago 🙂  I handled it by asking what the client actually meant by this and what he didn’t lik,e and then we fixed it!

Where do you seek inspiration?

The internet (portfolio pages like Behance, etc) and movies. Great looking visuals and movies always make me to get out there and create stuff..

What is your life’s purpose or mission?  How do you stay faithful to that?

Enjoy my work and make sure I can make a living out of what I love to do. The way to stay faithful to this is by not slacking and staying on top of your game. The world is constantly changing. Adapt and prosper.

What are you passionate about, gets your blood pumping, or gives you joy?

Seeing the fruits of our labor, being contacted by new clients who have seen and are impressed by your work and finishing a tough project that after all that hard work makes you content.

How do you approach your down time? 

I spend a lot of time reading, hiking and being away from the computer 🙂 Let that fresh wind clear my thoughts.