Series Interview: ADDITIVE

Additive CGI Additive CGI copy

Additive is a post-production studio based in London, comprising two talented CG artists / retouchers, Matt and Pete, they have over 20 years of experience between them. Matt and Pete are involved with all the most cutting edge media including their multiple award winning augmented reality iOS app. Additive are known for a highly photo-realistic style, seamlessly integrated CGI, and sophisticated retouching and color grading.

What led you to photography?

Wanting to create photoreal images like this that were still concepts.  Additive

What professional goals do you still have for yourself?

To work on a global campaign that gets a lot coverage and is recognised by our peers as a great creative success as well as a commercial one.

Who do you admire from your profession, past or present, and why?

We enjoy the work of Gregory Crewdson, his attention to etail and his no expense spared approach to the perfect shot is inspiring.

What’s missing from your career that you could add to make it complete?

We’d like to do more film work and work on the final look development and grade.additive 5

What part of your work do you find most demanding?

Having to create something you’ve never done before when you only have a vague idea on how to approach it is always slightly daunting. At the same time we welcome the challenge and it’s exactly that which keeps the work interesting.

Could you describe how you create your images?  What do you look for?

At the very heart of it we try to create visually engaging images which make the viewer pause for thought. A prime example of this is our Knitted Weapons series, we intentionally picked two very contrasting materials for an object softening and diffusing the subject in a way.

additive 2What is your work philosophy?

We try to create the very best work we can striving for perfection even on a 1:1 pixel level. We add the small details often overlooked in CG which subliminally give the game away.

What are you looking for thru the viewfinder? What thoughts go thru your mind?

Compositionally we try to tell a story as the viewer in lead around the frame, we like to use strong geometric lines and lighting to help guide you through the image.

How would you describe your brand?

A boutique like bespoke service which pushes the boundaries with the latest technologies.


additive 3


What inspires you?

Generating something that is impossible to photograph and making it seem natural.

Where do you seek inspiration?

From all around us, in our personal work we try to work with contradictions be it material or subject. We also look at various cinema and film stock to inspire a final grade.

additive 4

How do you approach your down time?

By generating some of the many ideas we have for personal projects, these can often be vast and take several months or even years of R&D to achieve our vision. Quite often they help us develop in-house tool and techniques that give us the ability to generate content for client driven work to a much higher standard and at a greater pace.