NEWS: The Operators Creative

The Operators Creative, Ben Le Tourneau and Scott Freeman, recently produced a project for Costa Coffee via the lovely folks at Karmarama.


This high end CGI production factored in liters of coffee consumption to rival the man hours of production to produce this simulated photo realistic hourglass trickling with coffee beans.

The glass and beans were all digitally created and they made sure every bean was individual in shape and look. It’s all about the little details at The Operators Creative.


Karmarama wanted to create a visually striking classical hourglass containing a batch of Costa’s lovely roasted coffee beans. This set of large format imagery coupled with a supporting animation was developed to showcase a new Costa promotion which allows consumers to try a very new and limited edition roast for an hour every day.  Click here for the making of video.


Using their digital studio which is brimming with clever CGI and Post Production artistry, the team got to work building, simulating and developing a truly photorealistic timer which contained the exact amount of beans to trickle out in just one minute. This fully loop-able animation coupled with 2 extremely large format stills were designed by perfecting the shape, texture and lighting, so that the final look is on brand, warm with a rustic feel.

The Operators Creative has a great collective of food loving practitioners that can help produce the best work possible. But producing great work doesn’t stop on set. Their digital team of artists are specialists in the post-production kitchen.  See the food and drink reel here.

We have a beautiful menu of CGI work that captures the natural, organic and highly textured finishes that food visuals deserve. That love flows over into motion simulation for liquids and the detailed touches that glass and plastics require which mostly accompany food and drink content.