Series Q & A: Fedde Souverein Managing Director of Luminous Creative Imaging

What is the biggest problem you had to solve for a shoot


Fedde:  “For a project 3 years back, we had to create many figures that were coming out of a foam layer from someone who was about to shave. The campaign was for Schick Edge shaving cream and displayed different small “stories” in the shaving cream.


The problem was that all the figures were originally photographed as white painted real people, while the figures needed to be like they were constructed from real foam.


To solve this, we went into the studio and used shaving foam, white painted figures, and a brush, to create the input we needed.


The final result is great and has a high level of quality and realism to it, but it was quite a project!

Postproduction and CGI:  Luminous Creative Imaging
Modelmaking of foam figures:  Luminous Creative Imaging
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart
Agency: JWT New York