The Operators announce PREMIUM SOCIAL

We are pleased to announce to the TMAR community, a new service from the creative team at The Operators:  PREMIUM SOCIAL.  Pioneering a new pipeline based on high-end, high-quality, high-volume images and video, developed specifically for social media, tailored to seize attention in an increasingly chaotic and noisy advertising landscape.  PREMIUM SOCIAL eases the pain of fading organic reach, with broadcast-quality, to an online audience with well-tuned content – increasing traffic, visibility, awareness, engagement and increasing lead generation and sales.

Ben Le Tourneau and Scott Freeman, owners of The Operators Creative, “We live in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever.  PREMIUM SOCIAL is imagery produced on a budget that’s perhaps a little more constricted than a standard campaign, but nevertheless aspires to the same production values and approach as a typical television advertisement. Social advertising is certainly not a new thing – brands have been attempting to crack the medium for years now. But Premium Social is absolutely the emerging trend. Brands are just starting to realize how powerful that world can be – and what is required to stand out.

We’ve arrived at a point where the big brands are willing to invest, and seeing how powerful an eye-catching Instagram ad can really be. A few years ago, people would turn their nose up at this stuff –and the budgets would be tiny. But now brands are funneling $100k into the social channels we scroll through every day.

Thankfully, high-quality and high-volume mixed media content that works across multiple platforms, both online and out of home, can co-exist.”

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