STADA Russia. A Snake, a Fish and a Lizard. Whom Else but Guido Daniele?

Body painter Guido Daniele was commissioned by STADA Russia for a campaign to promote Fungoterbin NEO, a counterpart of the popular drug Lamisil. Fungoterbin NEO is known to have very deep skin penetration and the campaign highlights the need with Guido’s striking images of a flaking snake, fish and lizard, all painted onto the model’s feet.

In January of this year, two STADA managers and one translator arrived at Guido’s studio bearing gifts from Russia: top-quality Russian Vodka, Red Caviar, and one very nice Matrioska among other presents. The job was completed in three days and Guido’s new Russian friends left with a suitcase of Italian wine, farm cheese and chocolates.

Guido works with his daughter Ginevre Daniele, also a body painter, and his photographer and videographer son, Michael James Daniele.

Client: STADA Russia
Art Direction: Faina Malysheva & Mikhail Timokhov
Videomaker: Gianni Comunale
Photographer: Michael James Daniele
Model: Francesca Simone
Body Painters: Guido Daniele & Ginevra Daniele

stada 1

Stada 2

Stada 3