Series: Passion for Creating – Estilo3D

Welcome to our new series about imagery and our artists.

A great image is like a good wine…. The flavor hits your tongue, it’s sweet, and then reveals a deeper complexity, thickness, flavor, texture…. Artists create imagery that indeed reveals a deeper complexity… it’s not just “sweet”, or great color, or composition… the image has to stimulate, tell a story… there must be a certain tension between elements… photography is a frozen action at the moment captured that leaves the viewer to imagine what came before and especially after…a past and a future that is lurking left to the imagination.

We wanted to offer a glimpse inside our artists’ minds to reveal more about them and their artistic process… this is the best image they’ve created, their favorite, selected by them.

Estilo 3D 


We are especially proud of this award-winning campaign because it talks about the concept of how ideas can change the world.  From the beginning we were aligned with the ad agency, Ogilvy, on the approach for the project.  We were doubly motivated because the client was TEDx Buenos Aires.

There were three images – John Lennon, Martin Luther King and Eva Perón.  Lennon and Evita are great inspirations for us… it was a challenge to create each of the bust statues since they had to be immediately recognizable.

Each of the busts are shown with figurines walking through their heads and along a walkway.  Evita shows women with brooms advancing to women holding briefcases, from home life to business life.  Soldiers to protestors for Lennon and segregated to integrated for MLK – illustrating how their ideas indeed changed the world.

The campaign was awarded a Cannes Lion – Bronze in Outdoor and a Clio Award – Print/Silver in Outdoor; Silver in Outdoor and Silver in Craft – Illustration.


(clay images that show the CGI before texturing)