Hiding in Plain Sight: Andric and Genevieve Caron for Y & R Toronto

Andric and Genevieve Caron partnered on a pro bono campaign for Y & R Toronto’s client Assaulted Women’s Hotline. Cleverly disguised as a fashion campaign, the project addresses research that has shown that violence increases when women are caught trying to get help.

Shot with Creative Director Israel Diaz and Art Director Cheryl Geonanga, the series of ads encourages women to text the hotline for product information. They then receive a text that asks that they respond themselves or forward to anyone they know who would benefit from their services—additional research by Statistics Canada has shown that sixty-one per cent of Canadians say they personally know a woman who has been sexually or physically assaulted. Just released, the campaign is already impacting click-throughs and garnering media coverage including this piece in Applied Arts Magazine.