Michael Nager: Watching Snow Melt in the Swiss Alps for Victorinox

Michael Nager spent three days in the Swiss Alps waiting for the snow to melt. This was of course for long-time client Victorinox with whom Michael has traveled around the world twice shooting a series of nearly 20 ads. This last shoot for Victorinox Fragrance Class Sport took them to the Alps where there was a heavy Spring snowstorm the day before they were scheduled to shoot. Michael and the team spent three chilly days waiting for the the sun to come out. When the bright Spring sun arrived, it took exactly one day to melt the snow and produce the light they needed to capture this luminous image for Victorinox Fragrance Classic Sport.

So far Michael and Leo Burnett Switzerland CD Pablo Schencke have shot nearly 20 ads together and flown around the world twice to locations in Myanmar, China, Japan, Hawaii, Iceland and Switzerland.

Client: Victorinox
Agency: Leo Burnett Zurich
Creative Director: Pablo Schencke