Robert Wilson National Ad Campaign for K+S Group

International commodities company K+S Group commissioned renowned European portrait photographer Robert Wilson for a series of images for a national ad campaign to run in Germany. Shot on location in both Germany and Canada, the campaign highlights the K+S business areas and incorporated portraits and locations including landscapes, industrial interiors and actual mine interiors.

Client: K+S Group
Agency: Heisters & Partners
Art Director: Markus Lenz

734_RW_KandS_08_Ensuring_v4a_RGB_layout 734_RW_KandS_04_Refining_v5a_RGB_layout 734_RW_KandS_03_Mining_v6a_RGB_layout 734_RW_KandS_02_Hauling_v5a_RGB_layout 734_RW_KandS_01_Ensuring_v6a_RGB_layout