Genevieve Caron: Resident Stories from Chartwell Retirement Homes

Choosing a retirement home is never an easy process. It is a human process filled with important, heartfelt decisions. Up until now, campaigns have focused on the facilities and activities rather than the personal experience. Chartwell Retirement Homes and Montreal agency Alfred wanted to do it differently.

They developed a campaign that centered on the value they place on caring for their clients on an individual basis. This was demonstrated by a series of interviews with current residents about their process of deciding to move to a retirement home. The video was accompanied by stills shot by Genevieve Caron. They wanted the campaign to be transparent and for the portraits to reflect this. Genevieve was selected for her ability to forge a connection with her subjects and the result is a series of disarmingly beautiful portraits that celebrate the residents humanity and spirit.

Agency: Alfred (Montréal)
Art Director: Jean-Luc Dion
Client: Chartwell Retirement Homes