Andric for Aramark: Two Hurricanes, an Earthquake and One Gorgeous Sunny Day

FCB Chicago commissioned Andric to shoot the Aramark print campaign “A More Advanced Clean For a Better Shade of Green.” Aramark is one of the largest providers of food, facilities management and uniforms to healthcare institutions, stadiums and arenas, universities and schools, and businesses in 22 countries around the world. They are committed to innovation and the campaign was to promote a new cleaning process that reduces energy usage by 15%.

The concept involved uniforms strung on clotheslines in a tropical rainforest. Andric envisioned the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens outside of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Lush, bright and dense with varied foliage and bright streaming sunlight, it was ideal. What could possibly go wrong? The plan was to fly in on Tuesday, tech scout on Wednesday, build the rigging on Thursday, and shoot on Friday. There was the small matter of Hurricane Iselle gathering speed out over the ocean. But these storms generally turn and head north and this time, it was predicted, would be no different.


However, this time nature had something else in mind. By Tuesday night it was clear Hurricane Iselle was speeding up and had no plans of turning and heading North. She was headed straight for Hilo with landfall predicted for Thursday. Needless to say, the crew sped up as well and tech scouted, built the rigging and got the shot all in one day before settling in to their river-front house to wait out the storm, experience an earthquake, and make the flight home before Hurricane Julio hit.

They all made it home safely with stories to tell and a beautiful campaign.