Michael Nager shoots Jürgen Vogel for Jack Wolfskin

Hamburg agency Jung von Matt and Jack Wolfskin Outdoor, the global apparel and outfitter brand headquartered in Germany, commissioned Michael Nager to shoot their biggest campaign to date featuring film celebrity Jürgen Vogel.

The concept required the perfect mountains, lake and water surface. In order to create the final image, Michael went into the German/Austrian Alps for four days of location scouting. The lake was found in Bavaria, the Alps in another location and the village in Austria. The final images were captured over three and a half days. Jürgen was in the middle of a film production in Austria, so was shot on a rock in a wide-open space for continuity of light and the trout was shot in a beautifully clear mountain spring river in Austria.

Agency // Jung von Matt
Creative Director // Claudia Sand
Head of Art Buying // Bianca Winter